Why should I attend?

Do you find yourself facing new challenges or opportunities at a faster pace than ever before? Is it time to invent new solutions? Is it time to innovate?

As humans, we have four possible responses to new or challenging situations: freeze, fight, flight or innovate. Innovation is an acquired skill, a talent that can be developed.  Innovative Thinking Experience  will give you the knowledge, awareness, tools and practice you need to develop the ability to innovate effectively through scientifically-proven and productive training techniques.

What is the Innovative Thinking Experience?

What will I get?

You will learn...

tools and techniques for complex problem solving based on over 60 years of scientific research, tapping into your creative thinking potential and your team’s creative intelligence. This will enhance your performance every time you need to clarify, ideate, develop or implement new ideas or solutions. Bring a current challenge to the table and practice these new skills while working on a real issue.

You will experience...

world class training techniques based on the power of play,  that have been delivered at major international conferences in Canada, the USA and South Africa. These physical training sessions are as insightful as they are impactful and have been used with the world championship winning South African Springbok 7s Rugby team.

You will take...

the FourSight Breakthrough ThinkingTM Assessment and discover your thinking profile. You will learn to leverage your strengths in any collaboration or team setting. The assessment will ask you 36 simple questions. Each has been carefully developed and thoroughly researched to provide a clear perspective of how you can innovate on your own or with others most effectively. FourSight users include Disney, Google, HP, MIT, IBM, Kraft, BBC, Vodafone, L’Oreal, Nike, Prudential and many others.  You will also take away a digital Creative Problem Solving booklet to guide your thinking step-by-step; the results of your personal FourSight Breakthrough ThinkingTM assessment; references and resources to support continuous learning.

You will have...

an opportunity to increase your intelligence with Image Streaming. Studies carried out by Dr. Win Wenger have shown that participants who practice Image Streaming regularly increase their IQ by .20. Individuals are guided through this fascinating exercise to seek answers to personal or professional challenges and to improve their creative intelligence and intuition.

Who is behind this?

Ginny Santos and Tony Esteves are two internationally experienced facilitators who deliver insightful and practical sessions to help people maximize their leadership potential. Between the two of them, they have presented in several countries for thousands of people. Now they have come together to offer the best from their individual practices with an intensive two-day training. What you will experience at Innovative Thinking Experience will be unlike any previous training you have attended because of the unique combination of knowledge, experience and research that has led to the development of this program.

Not Just a Handout!

This is not the kind of training that you can miss and then just read the handouts. You will need to be physically present to experience everything that is offered here. It is a fully experiential training and is truly designed to boost your creative intelligence and problem solving power right then and there.

Join us to explore your own potential and to learn how to maximize your impact.


Still have some questions?

Give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you.

Tony Esteves www.iOnTheBall.ca

587 897 7529

Ginny Santos www.Neole.ca

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Tony Esteves – www.iontheball.ca

Tony Esteves is an Inspirational Facilitator who takes audiences through energetic, entertaining and interactive learning experiences. He is known for delivering skills and techniques in an entertaining, engaging and therefore memorable way. Having lived and worked in over 35 countries in a variety of unique jobs, including managing logistics for the US military in Uzbekistan, teaching in Japan, and corporate sales in Ukraine, Tony brings his international experience and anecdotes to the learning arena. Now Tony is living his dream by performing, teaching and inspiring people to reach their full potential at conferences and events around the world.

Tony Esteves is a graduate of the Second City Improv program in Toronto, Canada and a contributing author to the book, “Big Ideas For The Big Stage – A grassroots guide that provides information, advice and insider tips to becoming a better speaker and presenter”. Audiences from Tony’s presentations leave entertained, educated, inspired and empowered.                                                                                 

Ginny Santos – www.Neole.ca

Ginny Santos is an innovation strategist and coach at NeOlé Consulting. Ginny has over 15 years of experience working with a large variety of organizations and individuals and is a member of the Faculty at Sheridan College. She has a special interest in social innovation, enjoys fostering unusual collaborations, consensus, and authentic leadership and believes in people’s abilities to bring about change.

Ginny has a Master’s of Science in Creativity and Innovation. Her practice incorporates Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Productive Thinking, Emotional Intelligence and FourSight to work with individuals and groups in the corporate and non-profit sector to engage staff and stakeholders, find innovative solutions and work towards positive change.

Ginny is originally from Spain, and has been based in Canada since 1995. She is a creativist, a cyclist, a mother, an ongoing learner, an engaging trainer, effective facilitator and a creative problem-solver.


  • It was a great and inspiring pleasure to work with Ginny on several assignments. Working with Ginny helped me to accelerate, to keep focus, to find more depth in my insights. Ginny has the ability of asking provoking questions in an elegant way. She will help you to explore different options and to make meaningful decisions. She is an expert in guiding people in the Creative Problem Solving process, in groups and individually. Take this chance...

    Erik op ten BergPioneers in Creative Thinking, Belgium
  • “As soon as he begins the excitement builds. In only moments he has the complete attention of the audience. Then he shares value and expands upon it.”

    Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP, DLAInternational Creativity Advocate, Athens, Georgia
  • “I never thought that juggling could be used to give a powerful lesson. I was thrilled and challenged during the final keynote address to reflect and take, not one, not two, but three ‘balls’ with me to my work. I left the conference inspired to bring forth the change agent in me for the benefit of others.”  

    David Resegofaditswe LeopeSTDipl(ThCE), BSc (Wits), MM (Wits), Ph.D. (UJ): completion
  • “Some people inspire others, just because of who they are. That’s Tony Esteves. His energy is exceptional and he is a true professional who loves life and delivers a powerful message. I recommend Tony as a speaker and teacher who will share practical skills while inspiring and enchanting his audience.”

    Dr. Lance SecretanFounder & CEO, The Secretan Centre Inc.
  • Ginny is a superb facilitator and trainer. Every moment of the two full days felt like a treat - time and space to explore not only tools and skills, but also within myself. Under Ginny's skillful guidance, and inspired by her honest spark, I turned my thinking on a few things I’ve been stuck on, I shifted towards strategies of ease and flexibility, and I even made a couple of tough yet sound decisions! Since the workshop, I continue to use and share strategies I learned.”

    Karen B K ChanConsultant, Fluid Exchange
  • We took FourSight and everything changed: We learned the ways in which our styles were different and we were able to shift from animosity to collaboration.

    HR ManagerStelco
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